Discover the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan State

When talking about a state in America that offers different remarkable seasons all year round, this is definitely the beautiful state of Michigan. According to the recorded information about this place, it has almost 3,200 miles of fresh water shorelines, with a land span of about 3.9 million acres and boasts numerous attractions for visiting tourists across the globe.

If there is one intriguing factor about Michigan, this is all about its two existing areas – Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula.

  • Upper Peninsula Attractions

The Mackinac Island

For people who love outdoor adventures, they may consider an exciting ferry ride to enjoy the Mackinac Island. When visiting here, tourists can reminisce the time from the displayed historic art exhibits and from the different quaint shops around the place. According to history, the British Colony built the Fort Mackinac back in 1782 during the historical American Revolutionary War. They needed this place to control the Straits of Mackinac that connect the Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. For worldwide tourists, they can actually search for the available tour packages to explore the island.

The Isle Royale

The Isle Royale is a perfect destination for animal and nature lovers out there. When visiting this sanctuary in the North Woods, tourists can see the existing wolves, moose and the different wilderness in the area. One more interesting factor about the Isle Royale is that there are ridge formations due to the lava flows before. These ridges feature beautiful tilted as well as glaciated images that can capture the attention of people who visit here. Of course, the stunning natural views are also perfect for those who love to hike, catch fishes, paddling the boats, or go scuba diving to unveil the beautiful shipwrecks.

The Pictured Rocks

For first-time visitors who are visiting the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Pictured Rocks is another inspiring destination to consider. The best part of exploring this place is the existence of the different multi-colored sandstone cliffs that makes it a stunning destination. According to the record if Pictured Rocks, it features an almost 15-mile stretch of beautiful shoreline and because of featuring interesting formations of different rocks, they named the placer after these multicolored sand stones and mineral stains.

  • Lower Peninsula Attractions

The Traverse City

Tourists can find this place at the west side of the Lower Peninsula in Michigan State. Like the other tourist destinations here, Traverse City can surely offer the best experience for worldwide visitors. Aside from the different water activities, this place is also home of the best wineries in the world, has a remarkable golf course, superb malls and decent restaurants, among others. Michigan became popular as one of the top producers of tart cherries in the United States because of Traverse City. Every year, they celebrate the annual Cherry Festival during the month July as part of the great recognition.

The Gaylord

This tourist attraction is within the Otsego County and unveils the beautiful character of Michigan’s northern area. For people who visit here, they can appreciate the existing beautiful lakes, clear rivers, stunning wildernesses, fascinating trails and a lot more. As for those who love to experience the best snowfall, Gaylord area has one of the most intriguing snow conditions in the state of Michigan. Because of this, many people who come here are spending time to enjoy the different skiing resorts for a remarkable winter vacation experience.

It is important to learn that these mentioned tourist destinations are only a few of the many possible choices when visiting Michigan. All of these attractions are enjoyable and truly reveal the historical value of this particular state in America.

Interesting Facts about the State of Michigan

If we discuss about the state of Michigan, there are actually many interesting facts about this place in America. Like its geographical location, we can find this state within the region of Great Lakes and a portion of the Midwest region of the country.

According to history, the term Michigan originated from the ancient Ojibwa’s word “Mishigamaa” or this means a “Large Lake.” This historical place is actually the only place in America with two different peninsulas – Lower as well as Upper Peninsula. Based on the shared information about this state online, it became the 26th state of the United States on February 12, 1855.  Currently, Michigan has total population of 9,935,116 as of mid 2017 and making it among the most populated states in the US.

The registered capital of this state is Lansing, while Detroit is the biggest city and Metro Detroit is the largest metro. The people here are what they call as Michiganians, Michiganders or Michiganites. The postal code of the state is MI and the abbreviation they use here is Mich.  Of course, this place in America has a lot of historic landmarks and attractions to offer its worldwide tourists such as the following:

  • Detroit Institute of Arts
  • Isle Royale National Park
  • Lake Michigan
  • Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
  • Grand Rapids
  • The Henry Ford
  • 40 Mile Point Lighthouse
  • Masonic Temple of Detroit
  • Mackinac Island
  • John Ball Zoological Garden,
  • Go Great Lakes Bay
  •  Michigan Historical Museum
  • Michigan’s Adventure
  • Log Slide Overlook
  • Mount Bohemia Adventure Resort
  • Michigan Wines
  • Mt. Pleasant and a lot more to enjoy

People who live in the United States recognized Michigan as the “Wolverine State” and the “Cherry Capital of the World” for the recognition of Traverse City here. Every year, the people here are celebrating the National Cherry Festival and prepared the biggest cherry pie in the world. The original state motto is, “Si quaeris, peninsulam amoenam circumspice” and it means, “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you.”

Another interesting fact about Michigan is that it is only the state in America with almost 150 lighthouses.

The history of this beautiful place reveals that the first settlers here are the ancient Indian tribes. It was Étienne Brulé who first came to the place back in 1618 and originated from France. The other French explorers or discovered who went here and lived many years ago include Jacques Marquette, Louis Joliet and Sieure all from the country of France.

In year 1668, the first ever settlers decided to live here permanently and in 1763, the Great Britain was able to defeat France and immediately took control of the entire place after the historic French and Indian Wars. It was only after the Revolutionary War when the United States made a decision to acquire the majority of the region to become part of it.

Michigan is also popular when it comes to manufacturing different quality motorcycles and parts in the US today. Moreover, this state is among the top producers of different parts of aircraft, beautiful furniture, machinery tools and many hardware supplies, among others. This is the exact reason why it is also one of the best states with great opportunities for many business ventures.


Getting the Best and Cheap Car Insurance in Michigan

If you live in Michigan and searching for inexpensive car insurance, it is advisable that you consider your history in driving as a vehicle owner. Remember that for people who had been driving with care and have no involvement to any sort of car accident at all, they may find and purchase the best deal on the market.

However, a vehicle owner with any speeding violation and with ticket that indicates the name, it may be difficult to find the cheapest car insurance around.

To help you find and invest for a good deal when you need insurance for your car as a resident of Michigan, you have to shop and compare the available options. With the help of the Internet, you can actually do this strategy in a very convenient way without leaving your comfort zone. By simply visiting the available websites for car insurance online, you can definitely find the best quote that suits your needs.

If you searched for at least 3-5 best insurance providers, you can also contact them via telephone. On this, you get an opportunity to determine the offered quotes and allow the representative to explain about them better. Again, it is very important to consider your personal driving record and history before you invest for the available insurance.

In case your car is old already, it is advisable to consider an insurance policy for collision and must be comprehensive. Of course, this is actually an optional choice because if you do not feel buying it, you can always invest for the usual insurance with deductible. Because you are a resident of Michigan, you have the prerogative to choose from the best insurance companies with varying deductible levels. Keep in mind that choosing the best option is necessary to reduce your spending.

Insurance companies in this particular state also offer considerations to those car owners who are members of automobile club or legitimate organizations. In most cases, they can avail for an automatic reduced rate when they purchase car insurance. When computing the rate, they weigh the exact cost of the membership from the club against the difference of the insurance premium cost of the vehicle without any discount.  For the car owners, this is advantageous in determining the benefits of joining the automobile club to save money for the coverage.

Of course, finding and getting cheap car insurance in Michigan likewise considers you exact age as a driver. Nowadays, there are countless of teenagers who immediately jump to owning a car and decide to insure the vehicle. Unfortunately, there are insurance companies that do not easily approve young drivers. To avoid any problem when applying for insurance as a young driver, it is best to consider joining the existing policy of the parents as occasional driver. Upon reaching the exact age to buy insurance, it can already prove to the company that the person is a responsible car owner.

Lastly, a car alarm can likewise reduce the overall cost of the premium of the car insurance. The reason is that most experienced insurers knew the value of protecting the vehicle against thieves or intruders. This is one reason why they usually offer discounted rate after proving that the car has installed alarm on it. Definitely, you have to specify the alarm of your car to lower your spending when processing the quote.

Discover the Popularity of Michigan Fishing These Days

When talking about one of the best outdoor activities today, it definitely includes the best Michigan fishing experience. According to the shared information about this activity, it has been a great heritage for the people who live in this state for the past many years.

Meaning, they already passed it for generation to generation of fishermen who continue to throw their lines for the past centuries when visiting the Great Lakes.  From the shared information about Michigan fishing, this once became one of the steady incomes for the state. Because of this, it provides a remarkable story of how the industry of fishing has evolved as a typical livelihood before and now one of the best attractions for worldwide anglers.

About Michigan Fishing

According to history, the Chippewa Native American tribes and the Ojibwe Indians lived near the shores of Lake Superior hundreds of years ago. Their main source of living is fishing on the shores of the Great Lakes wherein it they setup the villages and thrive continuously. When they catch fishes, they utilize large birch bark canoes as well as rope nets. This is also the strategies of those who are living in the Northern part of Michigan. The people here are capable of spear fishing and ice fishing to provide foods for their family members before.

When the settlers from the European region came to America, the Great Lakes became the center of commercial fishing and provided an abundant livelihood for the people who resided here. Unfortunately, many water species continue to die from 1820 until 1880 due to the experiments and technological advances of the human beings. They utilize equipment that harmed more species and the abundant commercial Michigan fishing end in the 1950s.

Do you know the exact reason? It is because of continuing destruction of their habitats, overfishing and the pollution that affected the Great Lakes.

In an effort to conserve the lakes and the existing species that live here, the state government approved some important treaties to control the fishing activities within the regions. Likewise, the Michiganders now what they call as sport fishing wherein after capturing the fish in the net, they threw it back to the lake alive. This particular water activity is capturing the interest of many anglers because it is an exciting sport and at the same time protecting the different species.

About the Michigan Sport Fishing

Based on the shared information about the registered boats in Great Lakes, there are more than four million of them. Like in Michigan alone, there are about 986,000 registered boats and counting. From these numbers, it just proved on how many people are doing water activities as part of their hobbies.

For the past years now, countless of fishing enthusiasts and experienced anglers are bringing their family members whenever they visit the Great lakes and witness the scheduled competitions. The best part of sport fishing is that majority of the participants are considering the challenge to catch “the big fish” for enjoyment and not about for commercial purpose.

With the continuing improved sport fishing industry of Michigan, it now focused on providing quality equipment for fishing and convenient cabin rentals for people who want to experience the Michigan sport fishing in various beautiful lakes.