Interesting Facts about the State of Michigan

If we discuss about the state of Michigan, there are actually many interesting facts about this place in America. Like its geographical location, we can find this state within the region of Great Lakes and a portion of the Midwest region of the country.

According to history, the term Michigan originated from the ancient Ojibwa’s word “Mishigamaa” or this means a “Large Lake.” This historical place is actually the only place in America with two different peninsulas – Lower as well as Upper Peninsula. Based on the shared information about this state online, it became the 26th state of the United States on February 12, 1855.  Currently, Michigan has total population of 9,935,116 as of mid 2017 and making it among the most populated states in the US.

The registered capital of this state is Lansing, while Detroit is the biggest city and Metro Detroit is the largest metro. The people here are what they call as Michiganians, Michiganders or Michiganites. The postal code of the state is MI and the abbreviation they use here is Mich.  Of course, this place in America has a lot of historic landmarks and attractions to offer its worldwide tourists such as the following:

  • Detroit Institute of Arts
  • Isle Royale National Park
  • Lake Michigan
  • Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum
  • Grand Rapids
  • The Henry Ford
  • 40 Mile Point Lighthouse
  • Masonic Temple of Detroit
  • Mackinac Island
  • John Ball Zoological Garden,
  • Go Great Lakes Bay
  •  Michigan Historical Museum
  • Michigan’s Adventure
  • Log Slide Overlook
  • Mount Bohemia Adventure Resort
  • Michigan Wines
  • Mt. Pleasant and a lot more to enjoy

People who live in the United States recognized Michigan as the “Wolverine State” and the “Cherry Capital of the World” for the recognition of Traverse City here. Every year, the people here are celebrating the National Cherry Festival and prepared the biggest cherry pie in the world. The original state motto is, “Si quaeris, peninsulam amoenam circumspice” and it means, “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you.”

Another interesting fact about Michigan is that it is only the state in America with almost 150 lighthouses.

The history of this beautiful place reveals that the first settlers here are the ancient Indian tribes. It was Étienne Brulé who first came to the place back in 1618 and originated from France. The other French explorers or discovered who went here and lived many years ago include Jacques Marquette, Louis Joliet and Sieure all from the country of France.

In year 1668, the first ever settlers decided to live here permanently and in 1763, the Great Britain was able to defeat France and immediately took control of the entire place after the historic French and Indian Wars. It was only after the Revolutionary War when the United States made a decision to acquire the majority of the region to become part of it.

Michigan is also popular when it comes to manufacturing different quality motorcycles and parts in the US today. Moreover, this state is among the top producers of different parts of aircraft, beautiful furniture, machinery tools and many hardware supplies, among others. This is the exact reason why it is also one of the best states with great opportunities for many business ventures.