Discover the Upper and Lower Peninsulas of Michigan State

When talking about a state in America that offers different remarkable seasons all year round, this is definitely the beautiful state of Michigan. According to the recorded information about this place, it has almost 3,200 miles of fresh water shorelines, with a land span of about 3.9 million acres and boasts numerous attractions for visiting tourists across the globe.

If there is one intriguing factor about Michigan, this is all about its two existing areas – Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula.

  • Upper Peninsula Attractions

The Mackinac Island

For people who love outdoor adventures, they may consider an exciting ferry ride to enjoy the Mackinac Island. When visiting here, tourists can reminisce the time from the displayed historic art exhibits and from the different quaint shops around the place. According to history, the British Colony built the Fort Mackinac back in 1782 during the historical American Revolutionary War. They needed this place to control the Straits of Mackinac that connect the Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. For worldwide tourists, they can actually search for the available tour packages to explore the island.

The Isle Royale

The Isle Royale is a perfect destination for animal and nature lovers out there. When visiting this sanctuary in the North Woods, tourists can see the existing wolves, moose and the different wilderness in the area. One more interesting factor about the Isle Royale is that there are ridge formations due to the lava flows before. These ridges feature beautiful tilted as well as glaciated images that can capture the attention of people who visit here. Of course, the stunning natural views are also perfect for those who love to hike, catch fishes, paddling the boats, or go scuba diving to unveil the beautiful shipwrecks.

The Pictured Rocks

For first-time visitors who are visiting the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Pictured Rocks is another inspiring destination to consider. The best part of exploring this place is the existence of the different multi-colored sandstone cliffs that makes it a stunning destination. According to the record if Pictured Rocks, it features an almost 15-mile stretch of beautiful shoreline and because of featuring interesting formations of different rocks, they named the placer after these multicolored sand stones and mineral stains.

  • Lower Peninsula Attractions

The Traverse City

Tourists can find this place at the west side of the Lower Peninsula in Michigan State. Like the other tourist destinations here, Traverse City can surely offer the best experience for worldwide visitors. Aside from the different water activities, this place is also home of the best wineries in the world, has a remarkable golf course, superb malls and decent restaurants, among others. Michigan became popular as one of the top producers of tart cherries in the United States because of Traverse City. Every year, they celebrate the annual Cherry Festival during the month July as part of the great recognition.

The Gaylord

This tourist attraction is within the Otsego County and unveils the beautiful character of Michigan’s northern area. For people who visit here, they can appreciate the existing beautiful lakes, clear rivers, stunning wildernesses, fascinating trails and a lot more. As for those who love to experience the best snowfall, Gaylord area has one of the most intriguing snow conditions in the state of Michigan. Because of this, many people who come here are spending time to enjoy the different skiing resorts for a remarkable winter vacation experience.

It is important to learn that these mentioned tourist destinations are only a few of the many possible choices when visiting Michigan. All of these attractions are enjoyable and truly reveal the historical value of this particular state in America.