Like any other dependable reverse lookup website, we implement our terms and conditions. It is our decision to remove/alter on what we implement, regardless if there are current users or visitors who are using our site. This particular approach does not require us any sort of consent or permission.

As the owner of this site, we do not ensure the completeness, accuracy and readability of the published information. Meaning, all active users or visitors can view the information “as is” during actual visits. If a user or visitor decided to use the available lookup service, this person accepts the guidelines and must acknowledge any kind of inconvenience without the liability of the owner.

It does not matter if there is an incurred service fee or not when using the service, it is not the responsibility of the owner to resolve the problem of a user who ignored the terms and conditions.

It is also our duty to discontinue and/or terminate any existing service that does not adhere to our guidelines and/or ignored our Privacy Policy. Further, we can block a user who does not follow what we impose and not giving an access to use our database to do searches.

If ever we revealed illegal transactions from a particular account holder, we do have any liability as the rightful owner of this website.